Shoparisma is proud to share OCEAN WARRIORS TV documentary series

Ocean Warriors WINS Genesis Award for OUTSTANDING TV DOCUMENTARY SERIES, two years on from the sinking of the notorious poaching vessel Thunder. "Across six gripping episodes, Ocean Warriors charts the extraordinary and often heroic efforts of advocacy groups and individuals fighting to protect our oceans and sea-life from the devastating effects of over-fishing." Our mission to save Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish as part of Operation Icefish features heavily in the series, documenting The MV Bob Barker's record breaking 110 day pursuit of the Interpol-wanted Thunder and The MV Sam Simon's epic battle to haul in 72km of their abandoned fishing gear. Thank you to Brick City, Paul Allen, Mark Benjamin, Marc Levin and Robert Redford for getting our story out there. #OpIcefish #PoachersBeware #DefendAntarctica #OceanWarriors...

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Shoparisma Eco Warriors are proud to support

A Shoparisma - Eco Warrior 'FILM' recommendation: A Plastic Ocean is an award-winning documentary film that has helped foster a global movement to rethink single-use plastic and how it impacts our oceans and human health. It has screened in over 60 countries, has been translated in over a dozen languages and was the number one documentary on iTunes in the US, Canada and UK. It can now be bought directly from the Plastic Oceans Foundation, where you purchase directly benefits their efforts.  

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DID YOU KNOW...? ...that every single day, 500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the United States alone. Straws are not recyclable, contain harmful BPA, and massive amounts end up in our oceans. They contaminate water, marine life, human life, and jeopardize our very food systems on disastrous levels. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION - TAKE ACTION TODAY Eco Warrior Reusable Stainless Steel drinking straws help reduce single-use plastics from our environment but also empowers everyone to become ECO WARRIORS. Take action today - one small step by individuals becomes a huge step collectively for our planet.

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